Tyler Native Claims # 1 Video On TikTok For 2021 With Drone And Hip Movements | Local news

Now well known for his dance moves and drone flights on TikTok, the viral video by David Allen, a native of Tyler and Tyler’s alumnus, became the social media platform’s best video of the year in America and the world.

Allen’s video, which gained popularity this summer and has since racked up millions of views, shows him dancing to the song “Stay” by Justin Bieber and The Kid LAROI. He uses a drone to film the unique and swaying movements.

On December 6, TikTok’s year-end report revealed that Allen’s “Drone Dancing” video on his account, @totouchanemu, was the number one video in the country and around the world. The video had over 314 million views when the list was released.

With his hips swaying and a drone in flight, Tyler’s native Davi and UT Tyler graduate…

Since creating his first video, Allen has made many different versions featuring famous guest stars, such as singer Jason Derulo, singer and dancer Paula Abdul, NYSNC’s Lance Bass, TV personality Dr. Phil (McGraw) and the Jack in the Box mascot. He also traveled to Los Angeles for some of the TikToks.

He even recently appeared on McGraw’s talk show “Dr. Phil” to coach someone on how to go viral online.

In August, Allen, who now lives in Austin, said it was unreal for these high-profile celebrities and personalities to contact him.

“It looks like a movie. Instead of questioning him and arguing with him, I decided to accept him, ”he said.

Allen said he started posting last year at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Its initial goal was not to go viral. He went without posting for a while and he said he posts content effortlessly.

“I was watching TikTok and saw Max Taylor Lifts and the video appeared on my feed,” Allen said.

He said his name TikTok came from a photo of himself as a child showing an emu running around a friend’s house. This photo inspired his pseudonym Xbox and the nickname stuck for TikTok.

He graduated from UT Tyler in 2017 where he studied chemistry. Allen has his own photography business, David C. Allen Photography, and has been taking wedding photos for about eight to nine years, he said.

He often visits Tyler for work and to see his family and said he always drops by The Foundry Coffee House in downtown Tyler.

He lives in Austin with his girlfriend and his dog, with whom he sometimes does TikToks.

Raquel Torres contributed to this report.

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