True nomads share 7 ways to feel at home anywhere


Find a base where you really feel at home

As an Olympic athlete, Rachael divides her time between training in Anaheim, Calif., And competing internationally, with no real “home base” since 2012. That means spending a lot of time looking for a place to stay. to crush. “Sometimes I would get a [short-term rental] in a cool neighborhood, but the furniture inside was super dated. And one time there were pictures of other families in there, and it was just a little weird, “she told Thrillist.” When I come home I just want to relax and throw my body down. You want to feel good, obviously more than ever, when you’re at home. And so many times, I didn’t feel good at all.

It was until she found Landing, a rental housing startup that is creating a new way for people to live on their terms. They operate in over 200 cities across the country with furnished and unfurnished apartments, offer flexible rental contracts, and allow you to transfer your lease to any other apartment in their network with as little as 30 minutes notice. days – no need for security deposits, new apps, or the first and last month’s rent. (Members only pay an annual fee of $ 199.)

This kind of setup works for Rachael and nomads like her who move around depending on where their job (in her case, training and competitions) takes them. “I just rolled with the punches,” she said. “And that’s why Landing is so awesome because it rolls with you.”

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