Town of Lawton Invites Community to Arts for All Festival

LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) – Calling all artists and art lovers too!

The annual Arts for All festival kicked off today and runs through the weekend.

There’s something for everyone, from finger-licking good food and Oklahoma wine to art, photography, woodworking and jewelry.

Festival president Ronda Norrell said she was very happy to finally return to Lawton after being canceled for the past two years.

She encourages everyone to go out.

After a hiatus of a few years due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Arts for All festival is in full swing at Shepler Park in Lawton.

“We canceled the 2020 show and so we were down in 2020 and 2021 was now back,” Norrell said. “So I want you to see the back of my shirt can I turn around ‘The Buzz is back’ were back.”

New to the festival is the Lawton Farmer’s Market, which opened earlier this year.

Norrell said the building will be a weekend home for a wine garden and a stage for entertainment.

“We were lucky to have this facility, we were lucky to have use of it,” she said. “We were using it as you can see when you walk around. It’s a beautiful building, it’s a wonderful thing to have for the city. And for events like this, so festivals can use this Hubb and get eclectic and power here.

Ninety artists will present their fine arts, photographs, pottery, sculptures, paintings and jewelry.

Every year Arts for All features an artist, and this year it’s Randy Jones.

He said he had waited a long time for this and was thrilled to have his work exposed to so many people.

“You know, normally there are 70 to 80 people who show up here every year,” Jones said. “And to be selected as the featured artist for next year, I think is pretty special.”

He is a wildlife photographer, very passionate about photography and the arts.

Many people wonder where Jones takes his photos.

“They think I’m from Wyoming or New Mexico and I say ‘no’ probably 95% of my photos and what I do is from here in Oklahoma,” he said.

Jones explained that her photos take a lot of work and diligence.

Jones said he actually waited and watched the animals for two days so they could get comfortable with him.

He’s proud to have Oklahoma as an inspiration to capture beautiful moments, and also grateful that Lawton truly supports the arts.

“I’ve been to other cities and done other shows, but Arts for All is pretty special,” Jones said. “They love the art, the people who run the show are very friendly and work with you. It’s really a blessing, it’s my favorite show. I consider it my home show.

The Arts for All festival kicked off on Friday May 6 and will continue throughout the weekend.

It happens at Shepler Park in Lawton on Gore Boulevard and 5th Street.

This event is completely free to the public.

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