This old man makes video tutorials on electronic repair

Smart Lolo
A screenshot of one of Lolo Smart’s YouTube videos uploaded on February 15, 2022. (Screenshot by YouTube’s Interaksyon/Lolo Smart)

An elderly man who lost his job during the COVID-19 pandemic is now helping Filipinos with household repairs through video tutorials.

Lolo Rodel, also known as “Smart Lolo“, gained popularity online after the artistic director ramil lantican shared that he came across the former’s YouTube channel while looking for a video on how to fix a fan.

“I broke my fan this morning so I thought I’d check out some tuts (tutorials) on YouTube. Then I saw Lolo Smart’s YT channel!!” he shared on Facebook.

“I don’t know but I just felt amazed watching him. I think it’s because of the way he speaks calmly, like, parang inaalalayan ka talaga niya with every step, and at the same time…I can see the effort he puts into it!” Lantican added.

He also said that Lolo Smart videos have subtitles which may be useful for viewers.

“From repairing microwaves, rewinding the coil, flat irons and even repairing TOY CARS! Haha a cute lang!” said Lantican.

He encouraged his fellow Filipinos to follow Lolo Smart and help him reach more people on his YouTube and Facebook page.

Lantican claimed that seniors had already been in the repair business for 40 years.

The repair shop he worked for closed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020.

Lolo Smart is also an elderly person, among those whose movements have been restricted by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As such, he instead resorted to making instructional videos at home.

Apart from repairing electronic devices, he also posts about his hobbies including mobile photography and travel, among others.

Part of his YouTube channel description reads:

“In electronics, there will be tutorials and discussions about the basics, tools and tinkering from my 40 years in electronic repairs.”

“Photography props tips, techniques and reviews will also be featured, this is sharing my hobby.”

“Finally, putting our activities and health tips as a senior into videos, hoping to bring joy and awareness to viewers.”

Lantican also announced that Lolo Smart has a Facebook page where those who want to help the YouTuber edit his content and make “logo, brands, banners, posters or whatever” can message him.

Following Lantican’s post, Lolo Smart garnered 2,500 likes on Facebook and 88,400 subscribers on YouTube.

Similar to Lolo Smart, there’s also a YouTuber in the US who offers helpful tips ranging from tying a tie to shaving a beard through tutorials.

Called the “Dad, how can I?” channel, it is created by Rob Kenney who was abandoned by his own father as a teenager and had wanted to share practical guides and tips for his children.

He also started doing tutorials during the pandemic.

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