This Accidentally Awesome Dog Photo Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Although we are all for the art of masterful photography, they say the best camera is the one you have with you. And with the amount of photos taken on smartphones every day, there’s probably a masterpiece or three hidden away in your camera roll.

Proving the above saying to be true, an “accidentally majestic” dog photo shared by a Twitter user this week. Currently raving about the platform, it’s the ray of sunshine (or at least rainbow) we all need right now. Check out the best iPhone 13 Pro deals if you want to pick up your own mobile masterpiece.

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There is a dog ! it jumps! There is an urban landscape! And a rainbow! What more does a photo need? Oh, and the dog’s name is Rigatoni, because of course that’s it. While we’re big fans of the winners of Apple’s recent iPhone 13 Pro photography contest, none of them feature a dog jumping in front of a rainbow. Just say.

Nicola Rosa’s photo sparked the “Rigatoni” trend on Twitter, as users rejoiced at the surprisingly heartwarming addition to their timeline. And, of course, we even turned Rigatoni into a motivational poster.

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Photo of dog jumping with the words: Obstacles are meant to be overcome

(Image credit: @SkipTerrio)

So there you have it, there’s still some wholesome content to be found on Twitter in 2022. If you want to test your own mobile photography skills, take a look at today’s best iPhone 13 deals below.

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