The traditional world photography competition begins, in which Lithuanians can also participate


The annual NEXT-IMAGE Awards mobile photography competition, hosted by tech company Huawei, has officially started. Entrants are encouraged to show their full creative potential and enter the competition by submitting their most impressive photos or videos. This year, competitors will compete for exclusive prizes: for example, 10,000 USD or the latest Huawei phone.

“There are 10 different categories in this competition, which are combined by the main theme of the NEXT-IMAGE awards: ‘Better together. “This theme aims to give meaning to the communion of all of us, which is more relevant than ever, especially given the challenges of our time. Therefore, those who capture life’s most inspiring and meaningful moments will have the opportunity to compete for an unprecedented prize pool, ”said Li Changzhu, director of strategic marketing at Huawei.

Versatile sense of beauty

This competition is the largest smartphone photography competition in the world, taking place since 2017. Over 2 million have already been estimated. rooms. Participants in the fifth competition will have to use the best photographic functions of Huawei smartphones in the most original and qualitative way possible.

To capture the greatest possible variety of beauty and diversity in photos, the contest organizers offer contestants to compete in up to 10 different categories: “Portrait”, “Monochrome”, “Color”.), Snapshot, Night , Telephoto, Super Wide Angle. , Super Macro), Narrator. The last category is Story Creator, which is a video format.

Entrants’ efforts to transfer their creative skills will be appreciated not only by the former Pulitzer Prize winner and the winner of the previous competition, but also by a diverse team of photography experts from around the world.

Lithuanians were already happy with the awards

Contest organizers announce that entrants to this year’s NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2021 competition can win over 70 different prizes. The top three winners will receive 10,000 each. AMERICAN DOLLAR. The winners of the individual categories will be able to enjoy a thousand. The US prizes and competition winners are the Huawei Watch 3 smartwatches. New this year is the first time that ten students have received incentive prizes who will not only receive 1,000. US dollars, but also the latest smartphone from Huawei. In addition, all winners will receive electronic certificates.

The photo of D. Seibelienė “Long awaited”, selected among the 50 best in the world.

This competition is also unique, as in previous years we have been able to see two Lithuanian names among the top 50 executive owners. Mindaugas Drigotas and Daiva SeibelienÄ— were successfully featured in the “Hello life! Category. Mr. Drigotas triumphed with the photo “Points – Everywhere”, and D. SeibelienÄ— – with the photo “Long awaited”.

Drigotas’ photo “Points – Everywhere” was chosen among the 50 best in the world.

Advice to participants

For anyone who decides to try their luck in this competition, it is helpful to use the tips shared by Urtė Eidžiūnaitė, Product Training Manager of Huawei in Lithuania.

“Before you think about what, when and where to take photos, it’s important to know all of your phone’s features, settings and capture features. As smartphone camera technology continues to evolve, there may be features you didn’t know before. For example, an ultra wide angle lens or a night mode that allows you to capture the perfect moment even at night. In addition, there are some homework that should be done before taking a photo or filming. The creator should think in advance of how the idea created in the mind should make sense in the photo. Choosing a theme and planning a composition – all of this should be done in advance. Most importantly, keep in mind that choosing a subject can take a long time before all the conditions are right for you to get the best possible shot. For example, the correct position of the sun or moon, lighting and favorable weather conditions can make you wait more than an hour. But an exceptional shot is definitely worth trying, ”recommends U. EidžiÅ«naitÄ—.

However, U. EidžiÅ«naitÄ— adds that even those who follow all the advice should understand that the formula for creative success is always individual: “When you shoot, you must first try to tell an interesting and engaging story. Even the greatest theoretical preparation cannot guarantee success. Therefore, the key to success is the expression of individual emotions and experiences. ”

How to participate ?

To compete for the top 10,000. To get a prize of $, you must visit the official contest website and upload your photos. You can also enter the contest using your Instagram account. All you need to do is post the image you took on your Huawei smartphone and use the #HuaweiNextImage playlist and tag your @HuaweiMobileLT account. The winners will receive prizes, including the latest Huawei phone. Entries for the competition will be accepted until 2021. November 30

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