The freelance writer

William is a freshman at Lamar University studying Media Communication and is a freelance writer. The communications major became interested in freelance work when he was in his first year in high school. “I was in first grade at Westbrook High School here in Beaumont, Texas. I started using cameras as well as attending some events like soccer games, reunions, prom, dancing and stuff like that. And I really started to be on the other side of the camera, taking every photo and seeing all the different events and stuff like that too, ”said William. What he does as a freelance writer is quite interesting. “I get paid to take video photos. Sometimes I do drone photography for some companies. I have an FAA Part 107 classified license which essentially gives commercial availability to a restricted private drone pilot. So basically I can fly anywhere in FAA regulated airspace. So that gives me the ability to fly a drone in unregulated airspace like a park and something like that with open airspace with a distance of three kilometers from an airport, ”he says. The Beaumont local has been a freelance writer for quite a while. “I’ve been a freelance writer for about four years now,” he says. The communications major was inspired to become a freelance writer because of his uncle. “My uncle was a reporter for KMFDM, Channel Six, from 1993 to 1994. He made a video of the bombing of the federal building Murrah from the top of a helicopter, and he was the first person in an aerial shot to have the video from above. And after that he moved to Fox Four in Dallas as a free photojournalist there as well. And since then he’s inspired me to get into camera work and really know what a camera is worth. Because it’s photojournalism. If you capture the image, the image tells the story, ”he said. The freelancer has no plans to quit at this time. “I plan to do this for a very long time until I retire,” he says. The Beaumont local has some tips for anyone interested in freelancing but lacking the courage to do so. “Be yourself. Be brave, look at your camera and see what kinds of freelancers there are. And just look on Google,” he said.

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