TECNO aspires to bring premium quality, chic designs and outstanding user experience – Kelvin Zeng – CEO, TECNO Mobile

The world famous smartphone brand, TECNO has recently launched its new Spark 8C smartphone in Pakistan. The phone was officially unveiled at a Master Dealer reward event hosted by TECNO where many master dealers, media and technical experts joined in celebration. Attendees all praised the brand and gave away hundreds of gifts worth $200,000 (USD).

We had the chance to speak with Kelvin Zeng – CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan. Zeng has over nine years of experience in the mobile industry in Africa and Latin America and has guided TECNO to become the No.1 brand in many countries.

TECNO aspires to bring superior quality, chic designs and great user experience to customers. Kelvin Zeng – CEO, TECNO Mobile

Q: How do you see TECNO’s journey in Pakistan? What are you currently aiming for?

KZ: We started our journey in Pakistan in 2016 with mid-range and budget devices. The immense response we received from the masses prompted us to bring the flagship series to Pakistan. All this was not possible thanks to our struggle and hard work, but thanks to the efforts of our local partners. We believe in mutual growth, so our success lies in the success of our partners.

We hope the customers and fans who have supported TECNO in Pakistan will grow with us to reach new heights in the future. Additionally, we will spare no effort to inspire more consumers by unlocking the best of contemporary smartphone technologies with elegance and innovation.

Currently, we are targeting the higher budget segments with our Camon and Phantom series. You will soon be able to get your hands on our Camon 19 and the latest Phantom phone in Pakistan.

The immense response we received from the masses here prompted us to bring the flagship series to Pakistan

Q: With this move from mid-range to high-end, how would you define this philosophy for your smartphones?

KZ: With our unique technologies, TECNO aspires to provide customers with superior quality, chic designs and outstanding user experience. That’s what we’re looking for. We believe in going above and beyond to provide a good communication device and pursuing ultimate perfection that fully adapts to the needs of our consumers.

To show this to the consumer in real life, we have offered technologies such as borderless display, Gimbal technology, 60x hyper zoom and much more in our high-end Phantom and Camon phones. And most likely, you will be able to see a phone from each series with the yet innovative technology in 2022.

Q: TECNO recently changed its slogan, how does it represent your brand value and spirit?

KZ: With our overarching philosophy and tagline #StopAtNothing, we really don’t intend to stop anytime soon. This new slogan represents TECNO’s recognition of human progress and the pursuit of purpose, potential and excellence. With this, our goal is to become the most admired technology brand in Pakistan as well as the world and continue to make breakthroughs in product innovations and experiences for our valued customers.

You can soon get your hands on our Camon 19 and the latest Phantom phone in Pakistan

The pursuit of excellence is in our DNA, it never stops and always pushes the limits. Our drive for excellence doesn’t come from one person or event, it comes from our users. This motivates us to spare no effort to bring more innovative smart devices with the trendiest technologies that are designed with elegance and style for consumers in global emerging markets.

Q: The recently launched CAMON 18 has been a great success, what do you think of its success?

KZ: As you know, CAMON series is all about camera. This series was designed to bring professional, high-performance photography with a sleek design. The recently launched TECNO CAMON 18 has been a breakthrough for professional mobile photography experience.

TECNO introduced TAIVOS Lab (short for TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution Lab), focusing on innovative and cutting-edge technological breakthroughs for mobile imaging technology, as well as 2 in-house R&D centers and more than 1,600 R&D personnel in the world. This technology is the main feature of all CAMON phones.

CAMON 18 brought much more including TAIVOS technology, Super Night mode and Selfie mode with brand new ultra-stable gimbal camera, 60X hybrid zoom and much more, upgraded AI features to realize a professional videography.

Q: Seeing the recent Master Dealer event and the type of interaction you had with the locals, how do you put into words your strategy for the future in Pakistan?

KZ: We believe in mutual growth with our partners. Our marketing partners and master resellers have been with us since our beginnings in the country. We held our 2022 Valuable Partners Meeting in Lahore to appreciate the best Master Dealers (MDs) of the fourth quarter (Q4) 2021. We offered a net worth of USD 200,000 worth of gifts among the MDs, including motorcycles, Thailand tours, the Luxury Europe Tour, UK Loyal Tour and Business Cars.

Fortunately, we are now one of China’s top 50 cross-border brands, as well as China’s top 500 private enterprises, and have become one of the most influential Chinese foreign brands in no time. In Pakistan, we recently received the Brand of the Year 2021 award for being the fastest growing brand of the year.

With Camon 18 surpassing 200% securing the No.1 position globally, we are targeting the high-end and flagship market by soon launching Camon 19 and Phantom in Pakistan. Additionally, we have established TRANSSION Pakistan Manufacturing Center, a joint venture between Pakistan and China to manufacture 49% of its mobile phones in Pakistan in the coming years. It is also a step to create more employment opportunities for the inhabitants here.

we have established TRANSSION Pakistan manufacturing center, a joint venture between Pakistan and China to manufacture 49% of its mobile phones in Pakistan in the coming years

As for the future, we plan to improve the product experience, especially in design + OS; establish the brand image of professional imagery, elegant design and surprise experience. Additionally, with our store coverage increased to 96% across Pakistan, we will invest marketing budget in Camon and focus on improving market share and countless other BTL investments.

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