Take your iPhone movies to the next level with the Shiftcam ProGrip


People say the best camera is the one that’s always with you, and for most of us, it’s our phone. Delivering that sense of familiarity and control when holding your camera, ProGrip bridges the gap between mobile and camera photography.

The minimalistic yet well-thought-out design of Shiftcam’s new ProGrip will instantly make you feel like a professional shooter the next time you shoot movies with your iPhone, and better yet; you’ll never use our juice again with its built-in power bank that will charge your phone wirelessly, letting you focus on creating great content.

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The characteristic ProGrip curve is designed to adapt to the length of each finger, creating a stronger grip. You can also switch hassle-free between landscape and portrait thanks to its integrated rotating arm without changing your grip. So, if you want to shoot vertical reels for your Instagram, things just got a whole lot easier.

The grip handle itself doubles as a stand as well, so if you want to film yourself talking to the camera or demonstrating to your followers, this is a great option to have.

(Image credit: Avenir)

The ProGrip also lets you trigger your camera to shoot (or photos) with its built-in wireless bluetooth trigger. So, no more fumbling around trying to record on the screen losing the first few seconds to a few shaky hits as you stabilize. It is also equipped with a cold shoe holder perfect for a microphone or a small light.

(Image credit: Avenir)

The ProGrip is a multifunctional battery grip that could change your mobile photography and video. And each has a special story to share with the world. The ProGrip will be available in two colors, Charcoal and Putty and you can grab yours for £ 129.99 (ext. $ 177) from Shiftcam and start your journey to take control of TikTok with super smooth videos!

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