Ridley Scott blames Millennials for ‘the Last Duel’ box office bomb

Legendary director Ridley Scott recently appeared on Marc Maron’s show WTF podcast to talk about his long career, as well as his last two films, The last duel and to come Gucci House.

The last duel, which was released exclusively in theaters in late October, has been completely erased at the box office, making just $ 27 million worldwide on a budget of $ 100 million. Any theatrical exclusivity released during the pandemic runs the risk of plummeting at the box office (especially a historical drama featuring a graphic rape scene), but Scott believes the blame lies entirely with millennials. On the podcast, Scott said:

“I think it boils down to – what we have today [are] the audience that was raised on those fucking cell phones. Millennials never want to be taught anything unless we say it over the phone… That’s a big line, but I think we’re talking about it on Facebook right now. It’s a bad direction that happened when we put bad faith in this last generation, I think. “

There is something endearing about how terribly out of touch Scott is here. First, its catch-all use of the term millennials, which at this point seems to refer to anyone vaguely young who had access to the internet as a child (for some reason Gen X is rarely mentioned in the Generation Wars). .

Second, Scott sincerely believes that young people today are led astray by Facebook (their parents could be, but TikTok and Instagram are currently responsible for corrupting young minds).

Additionally, millennials were hardly the target audience for The last duel anyway – the last duel they watched was probably from Game of thrones. In 2021, a historical drama starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck almost looks like a relic from a forgotten age; not to mention the fact that there’s something inevitably modern about both actors – they just don’t seem to fit the period.

Their hilarious hairstyles, which would not have seemed out of place in a SNL skit, were the only reason the film seemed to be mentioned on Twitter, and even then, it was either a tongue-in-cheek appreciation or outright mockery.

Of course, we can’t expect Scott to stay afloat on the ever-changing sea of ​​online content and trends – the 83-year-old director is a living legend, having given the world both Extraterrestrial and Blade runner, apparently able to make a movie in his sleep at this point.

Hope Gucci House resonates with audiences upon its release, or Scott’s opinion of these phone-addicted millennials will more than collapse. The last duel ticket numbers.

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