Pixel 6 Pro Camera app reveals upcoming features


Google’s Pixel phones have never had the best camera gear on the market, but Google has proven its photographic prowess by making up for it with advanced algorithms and AI. After many generations, Google is apparently ready to upgrade its imaging sensors while relying on software to make up for the lack of hardware. Of course, Google is still silent on the camera features of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but a teardown of the Camera app, thankfully, gives hints as to what’s to come.

The Pixel 6 Pro, in particular, is said to have a Samsung GN1 50MP camera, a Sony IMX386 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera, and a Sony IMX586 48MP telephoto lens with 4X optical zoom. These sensors don’t exactly tell the whole story, as other important details like the lens aperture are missing. Thankfully, XDA’s teardown of an internal version of the Camera app for the Pixel 6 Pro sheds some light.

For example, it reveals that the Pixel 6 Pro is capable of recording 4K60 videos but only on the main camera. With 4K30 recording, however, any of the three cameras can be used, and the user can even seamlessly switch between them without having to pause recording. Hopefully, the Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t have the same overheating issues reported as the Pixel 5a (5G) and Pixel 5a.

When it comes to the Camera app itself, features like Magic Eraser are apparently making a comeback, which may not come as a surprise if Google is advertising the AI ​​chops from its Tensor processor. A previous teased Face Deblur was also seen, essentially combining a typical HDR process with Tensor-based processing to blur faces in the composite photo using data from the ultra-wide-angle camera. Google also offers photography professionals another tool with a manual white balance user interface.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for photography-related features coming to the Pixel 6 Pro. Considering the long overdue camera upgrade and new Tensor chip, Google will most likely put emphasis on image processing features on the smartphone’s device, making sure to remind everyone the world he is always on top of his mobile photography game.

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