Photography trends are so bad they’ve become memes


Photography is undoubtedly the art with the lowest point of entry. You can just pick up your phone and detach yourself. With billions of images created every day, they sometimes follow the trends. Many newbie photographers are starting to follow Instagram pages that “repost bangers”. However, these bangers are a far cry from what photography is. In this article, I’ll talk about some of the worst photography trends that have become memes.


Art and trends don’t mix. Great artists create their own trends. Photography isn’t about following trends and producing work that gets a lot of likes on Instagram. Pages displaying generic portraits of young women have more followers than Annie Leibovitz. Is there a problem with this? No, that’s what people choose to like. However, generic portraits of young women say very little about the creative possibilities that exist for photographers around the world. These trends are wacky, but it’s also sad to see them so popular.


Oh, baby, that don’t need to be introduced. When the lensballs came out, they offered an eerily unique view of the footage. While everything in the ball was crisp, the rest of the frame was all bokeh. However, as more and more people jumped on the bandwagon and made the same generic image of a lensball, the idea got pretty boring. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with using a lens ball, but there might be some issues with taking the same photo over and over again.

Oversized Glasses + Girls + Neons or Christmas Lights = Banger

It’s easy to see why this one is so popular, as it contains the two ingredients needed for a photography trend: beautiful women and a creamy bokeh. The neon lights provide a unique bokeh with red and blue contrast against each other, and the beautiful woman stands there with a look as boring as boredom itself. She doesn’t like the portrait and probably doesn’t care about the bokeh.

Objective in front of a landscape

I think this one started when YouTube landscape photographers became popular. Of course, holding a lens and showing how the image is inverted can be interesting. For a few times, it is. Doing it over and over to show the goal is pretty repetitive, and you can’t think of much to change that. But how about putting the lens on a camera and shooting a landscape with it?

Woman looking back while holding one hand at an exotic location

I feel like all couples have a photo like this. To be completely blunt, I don’t quite understand the point of the picture. Of course, exotic place, of course, your partner, but why leave them out of the frame?

Feet hanging from the edge of a building

By far the most dangerous there. Often taken on the roofs of abandoned buildings, this photo does two things: far too dangerous and possibly illegal, as trespassing rules can be strict, morbidly strict.

Half-naked woman in the back of a camper van next to a unique landscape or cliff

Not only are camper photos some of the most Instagrammable things around, but with the addition of half-naked women, these images become unstoppable likes collectors. The motorhome lifestyle, in general, corresponds to the conviction of being truly free and independent. Of course, if you are happy to give a suitable workspace and the possibility of taking a bath to take pictures with a lot of taste.

Fake old scales with Hollywood lights on a canvas background

Painted backdrops are a very popular but expensive thing. They are, in fact, very popular among both amateur and professional photographers. I made one myself. However, due to their popularity, the images that accompany them are often poorly executed. It is not enough to stick a backdrop behind the subject and take a photo. To take a good photo with such backdrops, you have to control your light very well. Sometimes, to add an antique feel, some put a painter’s ladder or a large Fresnel lamp in the frame. Yeah, we get it, you want Hollywood. But unfortunately, that’s far from what Hollywood portraits are. If you want a film look, you can use a fresnel to light up your model. It would look very cinematic and more like Hollywood. A hanging umbrella is also helpful.

TikTok’s With “Stranger” Photoshoots

“I asked this stranger for a photoshoot.”

“At first she (always a she, isn’t she) was reluctant.

“But then she finally said yes.

“Look at those firecrackers.”

Proceed to show oversaturated photos of girls against Christmas lights with a lens ball in a familiar location holding hands with Hollywood light. It doesn’t need any explanation. I don’t think strangers would let you steal their time for more than two seconds, so the people in the video are fake, and it’s scary if they’re real people.

From experience, I am aware that portraits of strangers are quite a movement in street photography, and I have made them myself. I think it defies the sense of portraiture, because a portrait has to show a personality, not a human who dresses fancy. Before making a portrait, the person is better studied, understood and admired. Then, and only then, is the portrait a work of art and not a “banger”.

Closing reflections

I wrote this article to highlight some of the trends that are currently plaguing photography. In a year, they will be different. One thing will remain the same though: the idea of ​​following viral trends to go viral. Art shouldn’t be all about following trends; on the contrary, art must challenge trends. As a commercial photographer, I have to follow the trends to a small extent. It’s important to differentiate between trends that look like you by copying the exact image and trends that make you push the idea further. In my work, I tend to have contrasts and bright colors, mainly because I predict the world of advertising to drift that way. I’m also following this rising trend of vibrance because that’s what I love. Ultimately, what you like, find creative and different should be your trend. A TikTok banger shouldn’t.

What do you think of these trends? Are they the first step towards creativity or are they the worst thing you can do for creativity? Have you ever made a “banger” yourself? Share your experience in the comments! I love to read them.

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