Photo of the day: April 29, 2022

Inspired by the recent Apple Macro Challenge, this week we asked PopPhoto readers to become small and seek detail in their daily lives. In everyday life, it’s easy to forget that beauty is everywhere and much of it is tiny or nearly invisible to the naked eye.

This week’s winners showed off the stunning intricacies of the flowers, plants and creatures that cling to them, including a dandelion luckily rescued from the blades of a lawnmower and a stunning abstraction of dragonfly wings, shown in the main picture.

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Main image by Raymond Choo. See more of his work here.

A pretty flower

See more of Robert’s work here. Robert Lalancette

I can’t resist a flower. Although I definitely play favorites (peony season is way too short, if you ask me), usually any flower will do. Robert Lalancette’s image beautifully highlights what I often miss: the center, since it is usually buried in a petticoat of petals. The detail is simply stunning, and it looks like there are a thousand little flowers in the biggest one.

A boyfriend

little spider hides in the pink petals of a dahlia
See more of David’s work here. David Terao

Friend or enemy? I DON’T LIKE spiders, but this little guy somehow won me over with his cuteness, despite staring at me with four eyes. The soft pink petals definitely helped lessen the threatening factor.

“I was shooting abstract close-ups of dahlias when this little jumping spider crawled all the way to the end of a dahlia petal,” says winner David Terao, who shot with a Canon R5 and a Zeiss 100mm f/2 Makro-planar lens. “It looked like he was staring at me for a few seconds, then got bored and went back to the dahlia.”

Life cycle

a broken dandelion saved from a lawn mower
See more of Chris’ work here. Chris Croteau

Chris Croteau’s image won me over with its melancholic poetry. “One look is enough to save this little wonder from the voracious blades of my lawn mower,” he says. If that isn’t poetry, then tell me what is.

sitting pretty

a long skinny insect sits on a plant stem
See more of Mark’s work here. Marc Burgess

This insect made me laugh – maybe it’s just the way the eyes are fixed, but this little guy looks unimpressed. Kidding aside, the detail of the wings and water droplets is impressive.

“This has always been one of my favorites,” shares photographer Mark Burgess. ” He received [an] honorable mention at the local camera club competition.

Underwater adventure

macro photo of a scallop shell
Robert Norris

If abstraction is the name of the game, then this photo got me. Am I looking at pipes? An aqueduct? A squishy sea creature? It turns out that none of the above.

“Although it was an underwater adventure, it was no longer underwater!” Robert Norris writes. The image shows “details of a scallop that was left on the beach by a random seagull that ate the scallop”.

yellow lily

yellow lily
“See more of John’s work here. John Woodcock

As stated before, flowers are the way to get me. This merry lily of John Woodcock of course, with a sprinkle of freckles to boot.

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