Milne’s primary gears up for milestone birthday


The final touch is given to the celebrations marking the 175th anniversary of Milne Primary School.

Milne Elementary School is expected to celebrate its 175th anniversary in style next week. Photo: Daniel Forsyth

Everyone at school is excited about the big day next week, with many events and projects in the works.

The Radio Club has been busy creating a radio show for Keith Community Radio – it will air Monday, November 15 at 6:15 p.m. and repeat the next day at 10:15 a.m. on 107.7 FM. It will then be available online at Script and music are being recorded that will tell the story of Milne Elementary School.

Principal Kim Karam runs a lunch club for over 50 students who volunteered in P5, 6 and 7. In addition to research and recording, some students are presenting and others are working on advertising. and support in other ways. Children learned to use their voices to present and to conquer their performance nerves.

Kim Karam, Principal of Milne Primary: Lots of enthusiasm for birthday plans.
Kim Karam, Principal of Milne Primary: Lots of enthusiasm for birthday plans.

Looking forward to this historic anniversary, Ms. Karam said: “There is a lot of positivity in the school and enthusiasm for all of our projects.

“There will hopefully be something for everyone to have fun and get involved with. The staff remain a tight-knit team and committee and there is such a sense of joy in the school.

“We are always very grateful that the 175 anniversary gives us the opportunity to focus on something positive and other than Covid. It is a privilege to come and work in such a magnificent building every day.

“I hope Alexander Milne would be proud of all the education we are still providing to local children in 2021.”

Until November 19, an exhibition will be held in the windows of the ground floor of the Fochabers Institute, visible at all times from the outside. Students and family members and invited to see it. The hope is that the exhibition provokes conversations and memories of school and comparisons between education in the past and school today.

The school was kindly loaned by its community partners to the Fochabers Heritage Center, the painted Victorian picture booth. Staff are considering how this could be used in a fun but Covid-safe way so that students can see each other, their siblings and friends, as they would in a Victorian dress.

The school has arranged for a drone photograph to be taken with students and staff waving outside in a 175-man formation. It is hoped that the photograph will be available before Christmas as a small fundraiser. for school. Practice footage has been taken and features the school’s Scots Baronial architecture, making it one of Scotland’s finest school buildings.

Children will create works of art / photographs based on the school and the terrain. This could go towards a silent online art auction or a gallery exhibition, depending on what Covid regulations allow in the coming months. It will also tie into the Moray Badge initiative, a rewards program tied to the Queen’s Jubilee next year.

Starting in January 2022, the whole school is working on a commemorative book for their 175th year. They want to link this to our learning. The book will be officially published and available for purchase with the proceeds going to school funds. The book will be a mixture of articles, writing, art and information / memorabilia. The hope is that it is in color but still affordable.

Local businesses will be invited to participate in various sponsorship opportunities to support this enduring legacy and commemorative volume and to ensure that every student can receive a copy.

Other ideas being considered for next year include a garden mural and a time capsule.

The school staff would like to thank their local partners at the Fochabers Institute and the Heritage Center as well as local illustrator and alumnus Aaron Gale, who donated books and loaned works of art. The Parents’ Council continues to support the school in a number of ways and Elgin B&Q has donated paint for the garden mural. Former teacher Peter Dawson provided a lot of useful school research.

Further details will appear on the school’s website – – over time.

Photograph by J. Fullard

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