Meet Zubair Aslam; The Ace Lensman that redefines photography


He is a photographer par excellence who masters the art of capturing beautiful images through his camera lenses.

Photography in the present day has become an integral part of our lives. Whether it is an event or a moment; it has a special place everywhere. Creative craftsmanship has grown in importance, with many trying to get their hands on the field in a professional manner. A talented photographer is born out of colossal dedication and commitment, and being on top requires extreme creativity. We have one of those powers of talent who has mastered the art of capturing the beauty of people aesthetically and who is ranked among the top photographers today, is Zubair Aslam.

Zubair is one of those photographers of Indian descent, based in Melbourne, Australia, who notably contributed on the ground through his spotless clicks, bringing out the true beauty of a flawless photograph. He is a portrait painter and fashion photographer who has captured the beauty of many faces across the countries he has traveled to and explored the many distinct aspects of photography. “Photography is the art of searching and finding something interesting in simple, ordinary things,” Zubair explains. He is convinced that anyone with a deep passion for observation can become a great photographer. He is a self-taught photographer who has clearly shown the intricacies of capturing images through his lenses. His ingenuity in his art has made him one of the best creative photographers in the world.

Zubair features his jaw-dropping captures on his ‘Picturesnme’ page ( and social media, which has impressively attracted an impressive fan base of over 3 million people growing every day . His passion and expertise in the field have elevated him to the rank of expert trainer and coach who has become a guide for hordes of budding and budding photographers who want to make their mark in this creative field. He set out to take such upcoming talents under his wing and mentor five students each month online, teaching them the details of capturing compelling moments through the lenses. What makes him a sought-after Instagram Coach is that his methods are unique and have a deep connection to distinct photography art and techniques. His work has been widely appreciated and has made him a noted personality both online and in person who has mastered the art of photography perfectly.

To learn more about his art, follow him on Instagram @ picturesnme

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