How dating apps have adapted to COVID-19


Dating or “hooking up” has taken a completely different turn since current physical distancing measures were put into practice. The effect of the foreclosure measures is clear. In general, people feel more lonely and more depressed than ever before. This has brought about a significant change in the way people use online dating apps. A major dating app, Tinder, reported a significant increase in the number of users and the time they spent on the app. This made 2020 the busiest year for most dating sites and hookup apps.

However, these apps are all about helping people connect with other matches so they can meet in person. This begs an important question, how did these apps manage to adapt to the pandemic?

To better understand the transformation of dating apps due to the COVID-19 crisis, we had to study over 20 dating apps, their social media presence, as well as their wider media coverage. The results show how these large dating companies have adjusted more than one strategy to adapt to the pandemic, including video calling, chatting, and health and wellness campaigns. Let’s review the changes these dating apps have implemented to accommodate COVID-19 in more detail.

The growth of dating apps during the pandemic

Dating apps have seen huge success during the COVID-19 crisis with over 45 brands of dating apps. A parent company, Match Group, reported a 15% increase in its new subscribers for the second quarter of the first year of the pandemic compared to the pre-COVID-19 period. If you don’t know, Match Group is responsible for some of the biggest dating apps including Hinge, OkCupid, Tinder, and Match. At the same time, UK postage apps like Feeld reported a 50% increase in signups year over year and a 120% increase in the number of messages sent in March and April alone. This growth ushers in a different and much more successful era for hookup applications thanks to the pandemic situation.

How Video Calls Contribute to the Dating Process

Video chats and calls play an important role in dating apps adapt to the pandemic. That being said, many dating companies have launched a video chat feature to help their users communicate in a better way. While most people find video calls rather exhausting these days, they are seen as a pandemic escape route from the dating and active people side on. hookup applications. Although some may find this a big step, given that people only use these apps to get to know each other. Usually the video chat feature is used with people with whom you share a level of privacy, such as friends and family members. So it’s understandable that some people reject the idea of ​​virtually inviting strangers to their homes after only sending them a few days. However, for the most part, video chats provide a rather unfiltered view of who uses them to hook up with their dates online. They allow people to communicate more naturally without the awkwardness of first dates.

Health-related communications after the pandemic

As with many other technology products, both paid dating services and free hookup apps have developed new methods to announce the latest government health and wellness updates. This is seen in the new pop-up messages featured on these apps as a new way of advising users to avoid meeting in person. These messages are also used to guide people to the safest techniques on how they can interact with each other online. Other dating apps like Tinder, have been creative enough to include public service announcements from provincial governments in their scanning screens. Online Dating in UK Apps have also been able to raise awareness of the risks of fast connections by advising users to wait instead of meeting in person right away.

Communicate feelings of isolation and loneliness

Another way these dating apps have adapted to COVID-19 by addressing feelings of fear and loneliness to promote community building and motivate their users during these difficult times. Hundreds of dating advice sessions, speed dating events, concerts and other online events have been run on big apps and websites like Coffee Meets Bagel, Lex, Grindr, HER and Bumble . Meanwhile, UK dating sites companies have been able to develop self-help habits and promote a good spirit of cooperation among their users on social networks. For example, we have seen many encouraging messages from the main dating apps emphasizing the importance of personal care and healthy isolation as users continue encounters during COVID.

Standardization of virtual meetings

Dating during COVID has taken on a completely new and different form thanks to the great efforts of the most popular dating apps. From free video services to video conferencing software offered by online dating sites like Match, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, Jack’d and Bumble. These companies are now encouraging users to engage in all kinds of online exchanges and activities that can be done while physically distancing themselves. Some UK online dating The apps have even urged their users to go for traditional text messaging and old-fashioned phone calls in order to get the most out of the experience while being socially responsible. While other apps like Tinder allowed their users to use the passport feature for free so they could find dates globally.

The impact of market segmentation

UK Dating Sites companies are moving towards creating rewarding meeting places where niche audiences can interact. For example, a UK postage The website called Feeld can now recognize over 20 options for sexuality and gender identities, it also allows its users to share intimate experiences through hearts created by the app to welcome community members. Other global dating apps and businesses are drawn to the same direction of market segmentation as well as new features that allow their users to participate in group chats, send expiring photos, and pick their romantic desires.

Dating apps and websites may have turned the dire situation in their favor, as well as in favor of users. Lots of paying and free hookup apps out there has been successful in finding creative communication strategies to enable their users to continue dating during COVID-19. Users can now participate in online dating events and concerts that help bring everyone together and simplify the process of finding the perfect match.

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