Go4Virtual Laser focused on photography and virtual tours

Go4Virtual photo selections include night shots of properties

The Go4Virtual franchise is growing

VICTORIALuc Cardinal and his team at Go4Virtual give their customers something that is the next best thing to being there.

The real estate photography and virtual tour company is focusing on laser to show homes and businesses in the best possible light with their use of drones and high performance cameras, and as a result the business is growing by leaps and bounds .

Luc Cardinal, owner of Go4Virtual

“Our photos can be more beautiful than the house itself,” says Cardinal. “It’s my job to show the house as great as it is.”

When Cardinal launched virtual home tours eight years ago, he said many real estate agents were skeptical. Everything changed.

“Most of my estate agents now just give me the address and say ‘do what you do,'” he notes. “We do photos, floor plans, virtual tours and drones. We use drones because when you sell a house, you sell the area and let buyers know it’s close to the ocean, park, shopping. Drone photos show what’s in the neighborhood.

“I’m a real estate photographer, and when I start with a real estate agent, I always tell them that the more they can share the house as it is, the faster they will find the right buyer.”

Cardinal moved from Florida to Victoria and resumed his career as a photographer taking pictures of children in school during the first year on Vancouver Island before building Go4Virtual one client at a time.

Go4 Virtual has grown from 400 real estate agents to nearly 2,000.

An example of a Go4Virtual aerial drone photo

“Some real estate agents have 1 or 2 ads per month, some 1 or 2 per year,” he notes. “I’m a little different, in that other companies can send a photographer to take a virtual photo, or fly a drone, and maybe set up 2-3 appointments to do it. I make an appointment. you and I do it all in one trip.

Go4Virtual’s dating policy has been key to their success.

Expert use of lighting enhances home interiors

“The appointments are very important, and we are on time, and on time,” he observes. “People communicate with you in different ways today, but my turnaround is key to the business. So are our prices, and for each client, we include a minimum of 30 photos, a twilight shot, a taken at night, as well as the virtual tour and the floor plan in color.

No wonder the company is growing so quickly. Today, there are 20 employees, many of whom work remotely from overseas.

“The way we work when we do a job is that I deliver everything the next day after the shoot is done, because the people who work with us work while we sleep,” he clarifies. “When I wake up the next day, I can deliver everything they’ve done.”

Cardinal franchise Go4Virtual for several years.

“I have three franchisors now, two in Victoria and one in Kelowna,” he says. “Three more are coming soon – two in Vancouver and another in Victoria.”


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