Fixed price dinner to celebrate a photography show at the Grill


Join us for dinner on Wednesday May 12 for the opening reception for photographers Jim Nyce and Penny Linn. To celebrate the photographers, the Damariscotta River Grill is hosting a three-course Prix Fixe menu that will be offered at $ 25, with a choice of food and wine pairing for $ 9, or choose a selection from the regular menu. A portion of the proceeds from the dinner will be used to fund a scholarship for a Lincoln Academy student pursuing artistic training. Reservations are encouraged. The photograph can be viewed until June 21.

Jim Nyce left the corporate world after 35 years to move to Cushing, allowing him to focus on his photography full time. He had accumulated thousands of images, many of which were summers in Maine to work, and time to explore new images, develop discipline, and digital editing and printing skills. His keen eye combined with his technical skills make his photographs works of art.

Jim shares his thoughts: “The world around us is 360 degrees of totally immersive color, shape and movement; in a constant state of change. My camera sees only small frozen rectangles of this visual cacophony. But far from being a handicap, it allows me to really focus and search for the ‘choice pieces’ of the world – fixed fragments that to me represent beauty, mystery and / or wonder that could easily go unnoticed. . I am fascinated by the breaking of the links of context, fortuitous design, color relationships, visual layers and elements of texture that can transcend the two-dimensional nature of my images. For me, photography is a powerful tool for my continued discovery of beauty in seemingly mundane and mundane fragments of the world.

Penny Linn graduated from Colby College in 1973 and stayed in Maine with her husband and two boys. Currently living in Belfast, Penny retired and embarked on a journey to rekindle her passion for art which involved leaving the world of cinema and entering the digital age of imaging. She studied photography at the Maine Media Workshops and with Belfast photographer Neal Parent.

“I’m generally drawn to simple compositions that embrace the minimum while transforming the ordinary into an image outside of the obvious,” Linn said. “In a sense, I am extracting photographs of the vast landscapes that we encounter on our daily journeys. They are interpretations of landscapes beyond a common image, to be seen in a new way.

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