Cop cameras will undermine anti-cop rhetoric – Al Rickey | Letters to the Editor


It’s hard to listen to the laborious objections to the placement of body-worn police cameras in Madison. Points are tedious and distort reality. The city council appointed a committee that ultimately recommended a trial deployment of cameras with an implausible list of conditions.

Following this recommendation, a response from Chicken Little Sky-is-Falling erupted from the far left. Many potential pitfalls were cited. Opponents claimed the devices would result in bias, only provide an agent’s perspective, and were technically problematic.

The fallacy in these reviews is an inconsistent belief that the Dane County criminal justice system cannot address these things if they ever do happen. This assumes that Dane County prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges are not astute and intelligent enough to make sound legal decisions. Keith Findley, chairman of the feasibility committee and former defense attorney, recently said Madison was an “outlier” in his refusal to equip officers with these devices.

Some people may be elitist proud of this label, but it leaves the average person with nagging questions. Could it be that opponents of the cameras fear that the video captures the sometimes errant and odious behavior of citizens, which will be made available to the public? Are they hiding behind weak philosophical arguments and the private fear that the videos will erode their anti-police rhetoric?

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