Check Out the Winners of the 2022 Nikon Small World in Motion Video Contest

A hydra devouring a water flea.
GIF: Yen Fook Chew

For 12 years, the manufacturer of cameras and microscopes Nikon has organized an annual competition for the best videos showing life and nature at the microscopic level. On Tuesday, he showcased the latest winners of the Nikon Small World in Motion video competition, along with many other dazzling entries.

The competition is an offshoot of Nikon’s Small World competition, which focuses on film or time-lapse digital photography taken under a microscope. A panel of scientists and photo and video journalists judged the entries, and the top prize went to a time-lapse video of a zebrafish embryo going through developmental stages over an eight-hour period, with fluorescent markers used to display the meandering journey that different cell types take to eventually become fully functioning organs and tissues. Other videos this year show how a sea anemone’s cells allow it to sting animals that get too close, a cancer cell with more DNA than expected and a hydra in the middle of its meal.

Here are the top five winners plus some honorable mentions, with videos courtesy of Nikon Small World. A full list of the top 30 videos can be seen here.

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