Best shots of Nature TTL photographer awards


It has not been a banner year for photography.

With movement restrictions nationally and internationally, most cameras were limited to selfies and the living room window, but a few brave souls still managed to get out enough to snap some stunning photos.

the TTL Nature Prize Photographer of the Year Celebrate the best in nature photography, and this year more than 8,000 images competed for the £ 1,500 grand prize, in categories ranging from animal portraits to underwater and landscaped landscapes. These are our favorite shots …

OVERALL WINNER: The world is going upside down, Thomas Vijayan

An orangutan climbs a tree trunk in Borneo, the sky and canopy reflected in the water below (Thomas Vijayan / Nature TTL / PA)

Animal behavior, highly recommended: dust bath, Bence Maté

Wild dog puppies playing in the dust of the South African desert (Bence Mate / Nature TTL / PA)

Animal behavior, highly recommended: fun for all ages, Thomas Vijayan

A group of gray langurs enjoy a family time (Thomas Vijayan / Nature TTL / PA)

Animal behavior, highly recommended: floral bath, Mousam ray

A crimson sunbird bathes in the dew captured by a banana blossom (Mousam Ray / Nature TTL / PA)

Underwater, finalist: Round, Zhi’yue Shi

A coiled eel photographed in the Philippines (Zhi’yue Shi / Nature TTL / PA)

Underwater, highly recommended: my new toy, Celia Kujala

A Steller sea lion plays with a starfish near Hornby Island, Canada (Celia Kujala / Nature TTL / PA)

Underwater, highly recommended: Bluebottle Sunrise, Grant Thomas

A blue jellyfish floating off Sydney (Grant Thomas / Nature TTL / PA)

Underwater, highly recommended: European whale sharks, Nuno Vasco Rodrigues

A whale shark soaring in the North Atlantic off the Azores (Nuno Vasco Rodrigues / Nature TTL / PA)

Small World, finalist: Nature’s Pitfall, Samantha Stephens

Two salamanders trapped by a predatory northern pitcher plant (Samantha Stephens / Nature TTL / PA)

Small World, Highly Commended: 3… 2… 1… Takeoff !, Christian Brockes

An acorn weevil prepares to fly (Christian Brockes / Nature TTL / PA)

Small World, Highly Recommended: Bee Wolf with Honeybee Prey, Simon Jenkins

Lone Wolf Bee Wasp Kills Another Victim (Simon Jenkins / Nature TTL / PA)

Wild Portraits, highly recommended: Snow Monster, Amit Eshel

A rare Pallas cat in the snow-capped steppes of Mongolia (Amit Eshel / Nature TTL / PA)

Wild Portraits, Highly Recommended: A Predator’s Playground, Charl Stols

A lion cub playing on the carcass of a giraffe (Charl Stols / Nature TTL / PA)

Wild portraits, highly recommended: Kangu, Tomasz Szpila

A lowland gorilla named Kangu in the Lesio Louna reserve in the Republic of Congo (Tomasz Szpila / Nature TTL / PA)

The Night Sky, Category winner: The Eye, Ivan Pedretti

Geological strangeness on the beach of Uttakleiv, Norway, under the green tint of the Northern Lights (Ivan Pedretti / Nature TTL / PA)

The night sky, highly recommended: Purple Skies, Bence Maté

Stilt walkers illuminated by forked lightning (Bence Mate / Nature TTL / PA)

Under 16, finalist: fight in the mountains, Raphael Schenker

Two young mountain goats frolic in the Swiss Alps (Raphael Schenker / Nature TTL / PA)

Urban Wildlife, Highly Recommended: The Door, Jose Luis Ruiz Jiminez

A barn owl peering through the door of an abandoned house (Jose Luis Ruiz Jiminez / Nature TTL / PA)

Landscapes, highly recommended: Bled, Tomasz Rojek

Dawn rises over Lake Bled in Slovenia (Tomasz Rojek / Nature TTL / PA)

Camera traps, highly recommended: Moonwalker, Vladimir Cech Jr

Homemade camera trap captures wandering northern lynx (Vladimir Cech Jr / Nature TTL / PA)

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