A photographer wins a gold prize, eight bronzes in the photo competition in France



Photographer Tzeng Chin-fa (曾 進發) on Tuesday won a gold and eight bronze at the Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3), one of the most prestigious photography competitions in Europe.

A series of images, titled Water Dance, won the Tzeng Gold Award in the Advertising / Fashion category.

The winning entries represent people dancing underwater in a swimming pool.

Photo: Tzeng Chin-fa via CNA

“The photographer captures the charm of the dance through the special cut-out glass windows on the pool wall,” the Px3 website said.

Underwater photography has become popular in recent years, the Miaoli County photographer said, adding that many newcomers were eager to take underwater wedding photos.

However, taking good photos underwater is a big challenge for models and photographers, he said, adding that good weather conditions are also needed.

Tzeng said that for his Water Dance photos, the models held their breath while dancing underwater in an outdoor swimming pool, while he used high-speed continuous shooting to capture the footage through a specially drilled hole in a window on the pool wall.

He avoided using artificial lighting to better capture the effects of natural light and shadows as well as the aesthetic and rhythm of dancing in the water, Tzeng said.

The footage for the Water Dance series was shot over several sunny days, and it took about two years to complete the more than 10 filming sessions, each session lasting three hours, he said.

One of Tzeng’s award-winning photographs, titled Rarely See Taiwan Snow Galaxy, was taken around 4 a.m. in Hehuanshan (合歡 å±±) in Nantou County on a snowy morning and depicts the Milky Way in the early morning sky. .

A series of photos titled Creative Colorful Malao won him another bronze award.

The images depict the colorful Malao, a traditional dessert offered to Tian Gong (天公, the sky god) during the Lunar New Year festival.

Tzeng said that traditional Malao has three kinds of flavors: rice, peanut, and sesame.

However, the modern food industry has taken the creativity of sweets to the limit and combined Chinese and Western ingredients to create 20 more flavors, such as marshmallow, chocolate, pumpkin seeds, seaweed, almonds, purple rice and curry.

Tzeng won a gold award and a silver award for his series of photographs of the first Taiwanese miners in last year’s Px3.

In July of this year, he won nine awards, including two gold, in the People / Culture category for amateur photographers at the Moscow International Foto Awards.

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